Read Simon

General Manager - Bel & Brio

Bel & Brio’s Read Simon’s quirky, outside-the- box character keeps us on our toes, ever guessing what new and brilliant ideas will emerge next from his weird and wonderful mind. Read brings livelihood and innovation to Bel & Brio contributing zest, zeal, and lots of spice to both his personal and professional affairs. Read believes that in this way, he can acquire vitality, spark and joie de vivre as the universe has its own incredible way of rewarding dedication, whole-hearted persistence, and risk taking. For Read, the art of leadership, together with proactiveness, and a vibrant and enquiring mind, never fail to instil engagement, connectivity, and trust within his team. Read’s comprehensive track record in the industry are proof enough for him that there is room in the corporate culture for sense of humour, uniqueness, and light-heartedness, and that these, when they co-exist with leadership, perseverance, vision and industry know-how, might just be the secret ingredient in the recipe for success. With this at his heart and a boundless appetite for personal growth, Read is no doubt a master of his trade.