Gillian Fish

Director - The 6AM Agency

Gillian Fish is the Founder and Director of The 6AM Agency and author of the recently published book, Good + Well: 25 World Experts Share their Secrets to Wellbeing (Feb, 2017).

Gillian is acknowledged as one of Australia’s foremost experts in integrated wellbeing and good living communications, having worked with some of the world’s leading brands in evidence-based wellbeing including Complementary Therapies, OTC,  Medical Marketing, Fitness, Nutrition and Beauty across earned and owned.

With a deep passion for wellbeing and good living communications, Gillian founded The 6AM Agency in 2002 (formerly Brand New Solutions), which today services local and international clients delivering fully integrated creative communications utilising data-driven insights for creativity, PR and social in an audience-first, mobile-driven world.

Gillian has an astute understanding of the evidence-based Wellbeing Health Model, which she defines as an evolution from ‘sickness’ to ‘wellness’ with a record for delivering smart, earned-centric, social by design campaigns which are known to have delivered significant results for clients.

With an extensive wellbeing network, Gillian is proud to work with some of the world’s leading preventive health and wellbeing key opinion leaders and influencers.

A former magazine editor, her passion for story-telling, coupled with a deep understanding of the fundamental drivers of good health at their root cause, bring valuable insights to brand campaigns.

“Creativity is the new frontier in the battle of the brands in this rapidly evolving communications landscape. Our ability to understand how to connect with audiences emotionally, with authenticity, and with messages which inspire and develop trusted partner status for our clients in their audiences’ wellbeing journeys, is core to our success”.