Dr Andrew Monk

Chair - Australian Organic

Dr Andrew Monk has two decades of experience in the organic industry across auditing, certification and standards. He has had commercial interests in the organic horticulture and value adding sectors.
Dr Monk’s PhD focused on organic production systems and sustainability in Australia and he consults to public and private entities on environmental and organic issues and management systems. He project manages the Australian Organic Market Report, a biennial publication which tracks Australia’s $1.72 billion organic industry.

He is managing director of an environmental services company, the chair of Australian Organic – which owns the nations largest and most recognised organic certification body Australian Certified Organic – and he is an adjunct associate professor in the Australian Centre for Agriculture Law, University of New England.

Dr Monk is also a standards committee member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, IFOAM, and a member of the National Organic Standards Committee, FT 032.


Sunday 3 May - 11:00am The $1.72 Billion Certified Organic Market: Issues, Challenges, Trends and Opportunities