FANTASTIC FOOD+DRINK serves up an outstanding education program covering a whole range of topics that are essential to running a business or building a great brand. More than 30 sessions across both days will provide you with insights and information to grow your business and increase profits.

Business Essentials & Insights

Business Essentials Track delivers practical tips and expert advice on a wide range of topics to help you overcome everyday business hurdles. Topics including customer and shopper insights, consumer and market trends, product development, social media, branding and go-to-market strategies.


Get practical, tactical tips to fast-track your online sales from a collection of e-commerce experts. Learn how to transform your e-commerce strategy, how to leverage platforms like Ebay, Amazon and Alibaba, and the essential tools to attract, convert and retain your customers.

Marketing & Social Media

What is Snapchat? How do I sell and convert on Facebook? Do I need to build an Instagram following? What content should I be posting and where? How do I work with influencers?

Get answers and advice to the complex yet powerful world of social media marketing where you’ll discover the top techniques from a handpicked group of experts who are on hand to guide you through choosing the right platforms, building an engaged community and leveraging that community to drive the success of your brand.