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2017 Conference Program


Growing markets are changing markets. Staying competitive requires that you keep up with the latest market insights but more importantly that you’re at the forefront of selling on Social Media, that your website is optimised for conversion, that you’re harnessing the power of digital marketing and ecommerce and much more to drive growth in your business.

We’ve brought together a powerful mix of practical, hands on, expert advice with brand stories, topical panel discussions and deep dives right in the middle of the widest mix of fancy, new, innovative food and beverage products.

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Sessions by Theme

Sunday, 4 June - 11:00am - Green Room Success strategies for independent retailers

Bob Burke - CEO & Founder - Natural Products Consultants

Tim Sperry - Founder - The Tim Sperry Group

With fierce competition from all angles for independent retailers selling healthy products, how do you maintain your edge, and grow and attract new customers, whilst maintaining your core? Join two leading US heath and specialty product veterans for this information-rich and fast-paced talk. Sales and marketing guru Bob Burke and retail specialist Tim Sperry, deliver insights and strategies for staying ahead of the curve and maintaining relevance. They’ll share best practices and practical case studies from leading US independents on how they stand out in the marketplace to successfully complete against Whole Foods Market, online retailers, and major supermarket chains.


  • Key product trends from the US and how retailers can use them to maintain their edge
  • Online and social media initiatives for retailers
  • Community initiatives and successful promotions
Sunday, 4 June - 11:30am - Red Room Mastering your e-commerce strategy – How to transform your current e-commerce strategy for the better

Are you selling online but still leaving money on the table? Take a deep dive into turning your site into the ultimate e-commerce performance vehicle by turning your existing sales into larger ones. If you’re selling online, don’t miss this fast-paced, information-rich talk with leading e-commerce authority Scott Kilmartin. He’ll cover:

• E-commmerce platform choice

• Essential mobile vs desktop site differences

• Multi-channel retail

• How to drive qualified traffic to your site and make sure visitors get what they came for

• Drip sales techniques

• Path-to-purchase

• Ongoing optimisation strategies for product, shopping and cart pages

• How to turn cart abandonment into a sale

• Post purchase strategies

Sunday, 4 June - 12:00pm - Green Room Steps to implementing digital in your retail ecosystem

Brian Walker - Founder & CEO - Retail Doctor Group and RDG Insights

With much talk about omni channel retail experiences, how do you separate the key strategies from the buzz words? What are the core changes you should make to take your business into the future? Internationally renowned retail expert Brian Walker draws on his many years of experience in retail senior management and consulting with leading retailers such as The Athletes Foot, Optus, Westfield, KFC, and Woolworths, in this fast-paced and information-rich talk.


  • Understand how digital can help you strengthen your customer experience to overcome key challenges for retailers
  • Identify key areas where digital can be the ‘great enabler’ for your business
  • Why changing your thinking from omni channel to ‘ecosystem’ will help you overcome common barriers retailers face in integrating digital initiatives
  • Be inspired by innovations from around the world and understand what they may bring to your business
  • Gain a step by step guide with essentials and ‘nice-to-haves’ to using digital to improve your overall ‘business fitness’.
Sunday, 4 June - 12:30pm - Red Room Leveraging marketplaces – How to get the most from Ebay, Alibaba and
Sunday, 4 June - 1:00pm - Green Room The next generation of shoppers – Connecting with millennial consumers

Lisa Mabe - CEO - Green Purse PR

Millennials are a driving force in the growth of natural, organic and healthy products. Health-conscious millennials have different values and expectations from brands and retailers. With more choices, on-demand services, and technology at their fingertips, millennials are demanding healthier options, redefining the retail landscape and changing the way marketers reach them. Lisa will share tried and tested strategies to resonate and connect with health-conscious millennial consumers, along with real examples from companies around the world. There are 4.2 million Australian millennials with a combined $530 million per year to spend. This session will cover how Australian companies can successfully reach millennial consumers at home and abroad.

This session will explore:

  • How millennials think, behave and buy
  • How retailers and brands are adapting to meet the needs of millennials
  • Connecting with millennial consumers at home and abroad
Sunday, 4 June - 1:30pm - Red Room Live website reviews
Sunday, 4 June - 2:00pm - Green Room How to build a profitable brand

Scott Goold - CEO and Co-Founder - Venture Integrity Health Group

Juston Jirwander - Executive Chairman - Healthy Life Group

While great brands are built on purpose, the bottom line is exceptional and lasting brands are built for profit. Knowing your customer and market are critical to building a business plan, but all too often, this is where the plan stops. How do you create a unique selling proposition and avoid the “me too” product pitch? And how do you build systems geared for long-term profitability? Drawing on years of experience in retail, investment and building successful brands, Juston Jirwander and Scott Goold share how to avoid common mistakes and essentials steps and strategies for everyone who wants to grow a profitable brand.


  • Critical product development factors from distribution channels and ingredient selection to packaging
  • Procurement strategies to produce at your best and why profit is made in the buying not the selling
  • Range planning tips to help focus your efforts on the most profitable lines
  • Why cash flow is king and how to manage the collection process to avoid being cash poor even when your sales are high
  • Finance strategy for growth
Sunday, 4 June - 2:30pm - Red Room Building a profitable e-commerce business – Creating a winning strategy for your e-commerce website
Sunday, 4 June - 3:00pm - Green Room The State of the Organic Industry – Australian Organic Market Report 2017

Dr Andrew Monk - Chair - Australian Organic

The Australian organic industry is anticipated to be worth over AU$2 billion by 2018 and the country accounts for 53 per cent of the world’s total certified organic land. This session will take a deep dive into the state of the market, trends, opportunities and challenges and is a must-attend for everyone, whether you’re buying or selling. Dr Andrew Monk, Chair of Australia’s most influential organic group, Australian Organic Limited, will share insights into Australia’s organic industry from the recently released Australian Organic Market Report 2017. Discover the top organic products Australian consumers are buying, our top organic exports and where to from here.

Sunday, 4 June - 3:30pm - Red Room Marketing for e-commerce – Which tools and strategies to use for bringing consumers to your online stores and converting those visits into sales

Sessions by Theme

Monday, 5 June - 10:30am - Red Room Creating a killer content strategy that scales for growth

Tracy Fitzgerald - Managing Director - Brandalism

Create and scale measurable content that engages, educates and sells with Australia’s preeminent pioneer in content marketing, Tracy Fitzgerald. The MD of Brandalism and founding staff member of King Content will share the who, what, why, when and how of content marketing strategy, execution and measurement.


  • How to create a content strategy and actionable, scalable plan for growth
  • Key pieces of content every business should have
  • Innovative ways to share content to drive results
Monday, 5 June - 11:00am - Green Room Connected health conscious Australians – key segments and how to reach them

Rahim Ladha - Director - Retail Industry Group Nielsen

Today’s health conscious consumer is more educated than ever before. Did you know that in the past 12 months, 40% of Australians were connected to a digital device while in a retail environment? This increasingly high prevalence of out-of-home connectivity presents massive opportunities to engage with consumers, right before the point-of-purchase. Nielsen will profile the connected health-conscious consumer – who are they, what are they buying, what do they want and how do you reach and engage with them along their path to purchase, including in-store.

Monday, 5 June - 11:30am - Red Room End of the hard sell – Using digital marketing to create an endless supply of motivated customers who come to you

Craig Wilson - Managing Director - Sticky

Leading digital and inbound marketing consultant Craig Wilson will share how a 360 degree digital marketing plan will deliver the website traffic, leads and customers you deserve. Ranked globally as one of the Top 100 SEO Experts to follow, Craig will provide actionable insights geared to drive results using a sophisticated combination of search engine optimisation, social media, and blog posts in this fast-paced seminar.


  • Proven digital strategies to attract, convert, close and retain customers
  • How each channel fuels the next to drive results
  • How to measure return on investment
Monday, 5 June - 12:00pm - Green Room Trends from the US – health and specialty food and drink

Bob Burke - CEO & Founder - Natural Products Consultants

Globally renowned health and specialty products expert Bob Burke shares exclusive intel on the emerging trends and products hitting the world’s largest and fastest-growing heathy, premium and gourmet product market – North America. Bob Burke is a sought after speaker at Expo West and East, The Specialty Food Association’s Winter and Summer Fancy Food Shows in the US and is an advisor to leading natural, organic and specialty food manufacturers and retailers worldwide. With the Australian market often following offshore trends, this session will provide expert view of what will hit our shores next and where opportunities lie for Australian retailers and manufacturers.

Monday, 5 June - 12:30pm - Red Room Social media masterclass: What to do, where and why

Laura Nordberg - Social Media Strategist - Brandalism

Social media masterclass: How to get consistent results in 30 minutes per day. This session will cover what to do, where and why to get a return on investment. Social Media Manager and true Digital Native Laura Nordberg will deliver new ideas, tactics, and strategies to grow your audience, increase engagement, and consistently acquire new customers. Whether you’re a novice, seasoned user who’s hit a plateau or are always looking for new ways to drive results, this session is a must.


  • What to do, where and why
  • How to consistently grow a targeted audience in 30 minutes per day
  • Why engagement matters most and how to increase it
  • Best practices and common mistakes
Monday, 5 June - 1:30pm - Red Room Sales explosion – Integrate email and social media for sales success

Catherine Langman - CEO - Productpreneur Marketing

Secure new customers at break-even or better and literally transform your business overnight by combining these two super powers. Email can help lead prospects down your sales funnel and encourage existing customers to spend more time with your brand. Whether you sell online direct to consumer or wholesale only, this session will give you serious digital traction and tick multiple business goals.


  • The benefits of integrating social media and email marketing
  • The top ways to do it for immediate results
  • Next level strategy insights to grow sales and brand engagement
Monday, 5 June - 2:00pm - Green Room Panel: China strategy – getting it right and avoiding pitfalls in the new Gold Rush

Shayne Mele - Buying Manager (ANZ) -

Angus Street - General Manager - Strategy - Bastion S&GO

Juston Jirwander - Executive Chairman - Healthy Life Group

For every story about an Australian business that experiences overnight success in China, there are dozens of stories about struggling businesses or those businesses playing the long game in China. While there are opportunities abound, the stakes and the risks are high and most experts agree there’s no such thing as ‘overnight success’. This panel will lift the veil on the state of play in the Chinese market for healthy products – both with the grey market traders in Australia and aboard; new regulations relevant to companies exporting healthy products; different routes of entry; the risks and pitfalls for the Australian industry and how to build your own unique China strategy for long-term growth. If you’re a brand or retailer considering selling products in the Chinese market, this session is a must.

Monday, 5 June - 2:30pm - Red Room Instagram marketing in 2017

Tracy Fitzgerald - Managing Director - Brandalism

Laura Nordberg - Social Media Strategist - Brandalism

From it’s evolution from a simple filter and photo app to one that includes videos, disappearing content, direct messaging, Buy Now buttons, and a rapidly growing 500 millions users, there’s no doubt Instagram is now a valuable platform for business. But how do you use it effectively in 2017? With the platform’s expanding scope, business has to keep pace to take advantage and get return on investment.


  • What does the Instagram landscape look like in 2017
  • How can you leverage influencers and organic marketing opportunities
  • The brave new world of Instagram Ads, and how to take advantage
  • Top brands nailing Instagram and key success factors
Monday, 5 June - 3:00pm - Green Room Ins and outs of export finance – what you need to take into consideration for export success

Leela Hanson - Director, Business Development, SME - Efic

Exporting can diversify risk, increase sales and grow profitability. But for many small businesses, finance can be a barrier to breaking into new markets. With stretched working capital, varied payment terms, not to mention the significant lag between production and payment, it can be difficult for you to compete and grow internationally.


  • How to overcome key challenges – resources, commitment, cash
  • Different types of finance options to help maximize the opportunity
  • Where and when to get help – The Efic finance option
Monday, 5 June - 3:30pm - Red Room Why you need a video first marketing strategy and 2017’s best practices

David Wesson - Director - Evolve Social

It’s affordable, accessible and essential – video is the future of marketing! Learn how to use it to reach and engage more people, get more attention and sell more products in this action-packed session with leading social media strategist David Wesson. David shares video strategies every marketer can use today.


  • The rules of play for a video-first world and engaging the social mobile generation
  • How to use video to raise awareness, gain trust, and drive conversion and sales
  • Essential new storytelling formats every business should consider using